Tips for celebrating an occasion without adding on debt

Here are some ways to celebrate a meaningful life event without spending money. Not all of these are going to work for every event, so pick the option that would suit your needs.

Spend time instead of money

Spend time with the people you want to celebrate sharing stories at home. This is a great way to celebrate an occasion with parents or grandparents. Quite often, the thing that your parents and grandparents want the most is to spend some time with you. they just want to know about your life, and be a part of it.
This gift is simple and easy. Just plan to spend a day with them and you can also make some new memories with them. Take as much photos with them to create a collage. Give them a handmade birthday card made with the collage.

Go on a walk together.

The simple time spend on a long walk together, sharing conversation, thoughts, and contact, is one of the best gift you can give another person. It’s a great bonding exercise. Such walks can be friendly, or romantic, or energetic, or they can be virtually anything you want them to be.
A walk on a beach, in the woods, community festival or a park. They all have value and a possibility of a life changing conversation

Create a gift from scratch

Use DIY techniques to celebrate an occasion. Nothing is better than the time and energy spent creating a gift for a loved one for a special occasion. This could be a cake, or baked items, or a painting, or jewelry or anything you believe the person you are making it for will like. Gather your loved one to celebrate and create small, cute items for one person each. This way you would get time to spend together and do activities together while investing minimum money.
This is a great way to gather everyone and find their likes dislikes, know more about your friends and family preference and get a priceless gift that could stay with you for a long time.

karaoke at home

karaoke is a fun way to celebrate and have a fun time with family and friends. Its easy, its fun and it is the best way to have a laugh. Have a small get together at home to celebrate the event and have music to sing along. You can decide the mood of the place, if you want to fun and not serious, or you want a competition with your friends to find the best singer in the group. It’s your decision.

dance party with close friends or family member

if you want to have a great time, dancing is the way to go. It relieves stress, boost endorphins, keeps you fit, and most of all doesn’t cost a penny. Contrary to popular opinion dance parties does not need to be extravagant and can be done under 10$. You just need good trustworthy friends and family and host a small party. Get your few close friends and family who you want to celebrate the occasion with and start dancing.