Read this if you are worried about the size of your debt!

We on average are as scared of debt as we are afraid of death. In fact, most Canadians are more afraid of debt than they are of climate change. It is quite reasonable to be so after all the things we see happen to people, joblessness and homelessness is all time high in this decade.
On average, nearly 75% Canadians have some type of outstanding debt or used a payday loan at some point over the past 12 months. Almost one third (31%) believe they have too much debt.
If you are struggling with the size of your debt you can take these steps


It is critical for many Canadians in handling their finances, keep a track with bill payments, and spending. For many Canadians, developing and maintaining a budget is one of the most significant step in managing their finances. You can create and manage your budget with the help of digital tool, such as a google spreadsheet, free or paid mobile app and other financial software. You can also take traditional approach, such as writing in journal, book or using money jars.
Budgeting helps in to lessen the stress as Compared with non-budgeters who feel overwhelmed. Having a budget or financial plan is an effective way to start paying the debt on time and save money on side.
Establishing short term financial goals
Create financial goals that you can keep and maintain. Make sure they are reasonable. These goals can be of paying of small debt or a sizable portion of debt by certain amount of time or an year. These ways you won’t feel too overwhelmed. Make sure that the money saved with budgeting is used for these goals and keep working on improving your budgets and keeping up with the loan
Get help from professional
If nothing is working for you get a counseling from a professional, they not need to cost you. There are plenty of free options to look for. Ask them to help you understand the best option for you and stick to it. Live one day at a time.
Apply for for government help
If nothing works apply for the government programs to help relieve some of the burden and try to pay what you can through it.