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    We are genuinely concerned for the financial well-being of Minorities in Canada!

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Welcome to Inclusive Credit

At Inclusive, we aim to empower the next generation of Black Canadians, Immigrants, and racialized communities by helping them improve their financial health. We offer education and community engagement to lend them economic empowerment. Here, there is no place for judgment, and we understand that life is not perfect, but there are times when a little help can make a huge difference. We want our clients to be comfortable sharing their financial situation with us so that we can create a plan for them to pay off their debt and introduce them to options for repairing damages to their credit history and steps to a more sustainable credit rating.

And we will provide free counseling because your well-being is our priority.

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Why Inclusive Credit?

  • Accountability

    We have been serving minorities for years and have an excellent track record in helping restore their financial health.

  • Expertise

    We have the best team of counselors and lawyers who are experts in their respective fields and are highly compassionate.

  • Money Tips

    We provide tips on almost all areas of finance, ranging from managing your monthly expenses to getting that mortgage you have wanted to.

  • We offer online appointments that can be scheduled almost instantly, which you can benefit from free of cost.

Our Mission

1) To Bring Equity, Diversity & Inclusion to the forefront in order to remove workplace barriers for Black Canadians and New Immigrants to help them to strive in the communities that they live and work

2)To Educate Black Canadians and New immigrants on “The Canadian Financial Environment. Savings, Credit Facilities, Credit & Debt Management.

3)To provide economic empowerment for Black Canadians and New Immigrants through community education and awareness

Our Vision

To remove Financial Barriers caused by Debt and Bad Credit for Black Canadians and New Immigrants due to lack of access to Equitable & Inclusive Financial Literacy.

Counselling Services Experts

Executive Director- Margaret Adekunle, MBA

Margaret Adekunle

With over two decades of experience in financial planning, debt management, and Credit advice, our Executive Director- Margaret Adekunle (MBA), has established a community for and of minorities that have no parallel.

Our Education Initiative

We understand that knowledge is the key to most of the financial vows, and through education, we try to make people understand how to manage their finances better.

Credit Counselling Agency

With our vital services, we aim to enhance the credit score and the financial status of minorities; to facilitate a more relaxed life, which is not possible under financial stress.

Events & Blogs

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Getting Preapproved for a Mortgage

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Factors that Determine Your Mortgage

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Success Stories

I was in a lot of debt when I first approached Inclusively. A friend of mine from Kenya, an immigrant, had restored his credit history through their services, and he recommended them to me. It was the best decision I could make, as I did not know what to do at that moment in life, but things are much better now, thanks to these guys.

Mark John

Inclusive is the best agency for immigrants, and I am not just saying that because they have been good to me, but so many people in my community have changed their financial situation around with their help.


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